Hitachino Brewing


Hitachino Brewing Mito

A pub where you can enjoy fresh HITACHINO NEST draft on tap directly delivered from the brewery nearby.
Shop Address:
Mito station building excel- minami 4F, 1-7-31 Miyamachi, Mito-shi, Ibaraki-ken
+81 (0) 29 306 7575
Business Hours:
11:00 to 22:00(L.O.21:00)

Hitachino Brewing Shinagawa

A brewing bar where you can enjoy HITACHINO NEST draft on tap, you can learn about beer and even brew your own!
Ibaraki – surprisingly unknown for being a land rich in produce.
An idea came about to get more people tasting the charm of this land.
The concept – “a Taste of Hitachino”.
Hitachi Beef, Bimei Pork, Tsukuba Poultry – all cared for starting from the land they grew up in.
We sought after ingredients delicious yet safe to eat with peace of mind.
We lay these out on the table for lunch, dinner and dessert.
Sip away at coffee and homemade juice for break time.
If you enjoy a pint from noon, start with a Hitachino Nest Beer!
We stock a variety including our regular lineup and limited release brews
Shop Address:
2F Ecute Shinagawa Takanawa 3-26-27Minato-Ku.Tokyo
Business Hours:
From Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 22:00(L.o.21:00)
Sunday and Holidays from 10:00~20:30(L.o.19:30)
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