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3F Teppanyaki Restaurant
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This is China, Shanghai.
“Hitachino Mansion”: a four-floor restaurant newly opened by Kiuchi Brewery.

All sorts of apparatus and equipment has been placed here at Hitachino Mansion.
A local chef and a Hitachino chef combined their skills and shared
their ideas to perfect a new style of Japanese cuisine.

We wish to exist as something special for everybody in Shanghai.
We await your visit as we begin to fulfill this wish.


Sukiyaki, Teppanyaki, Kushiage and other Japanese-style dishes have been prepared. Dish to dish, heart and soul has been put into this cooking. Whether you are an individual dropping by for a quick drink or a large group partying late into the night, we welcome you to come and enjoy this space.

Hitachino Nest Beer

The beer supplied at Hitachino Mansion is delivered from the Hitachino Nest Hong Kong Brewery, freshly brewed. Neither flavour nor scent is inferior to its Japanese counterpart.

Sinan Mansions

These mansions were constructed in a period of French settlers in 1920-1940. A building with history. A moment in this location of impressive red-brick buildings is a moment of luxury you cannot taste anywhere else.

TEL 021-54019296