From Hitachino, with love

Beer & Wagyu HITACHINO
Owned by Kiuchi Brewery of Japan-the home of Hitachino Nest beer, we are a pub-style restaurant with a warm, relaxed, and welcoming environment where patrons can enjoy a variety of internationally acclaimed Hitachino Nest Beers, carefully selected local craft beers, masterfully prepared Wagyu Beef, and other culinary delights made from the freshest of locally sourced ingredients.

Expressed by their varied culinary skills, Chef Sugie and his staff embrace food and drink with a passion dedicated to delighting the senses and warming the hearts of their guests. Chef Sugie demonstrates his exceptional abilities and eclectic training by perfectly combining exotic flavors, classic techniques, and artful presentations. He is dedicated to absolute quality, exemplary service, and holds a deep appreciation for the many people who collaborate on his commitment to the pursuit of perfection.
The Kiuchi Brewery in Hitachino is centrally located in the prefecture of Ibaraki, a land of natural beauty and abundance. From ancient times to present day, the main occupation of Ibaraki prefecture has been farming. Kiuchi Brewery has been skillfully producing its world-renowned Sake in Hitachino for more than 190-years. Hitachino is also where Kiuchi Brewery masterfully crafts its internationally acclaimed Hitachino Nest beer.



Hitachino Nest Beer was born and is brewed in Japan by Kiuchi Brewery. It features flavors and aromas specific to Japan, artfully combined with the styles and characteristics associated with beers form other countries. In affirmation of this creative strategy, our list of international awards continues to grow and Hitachino Nest Beer is now in demand in 35 countries.
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Hitachi Beef

Hitachi Beef is a brand recognised for its exceptional quality of meat. The cattle have been carefully raised through thorough management in the magnificent realm of nature.


Even our chef, is Hitachino

Showcasing his talents, is Ibaraki-chef, Noriyuki Sugie. From a young age he has gazed into the outside world, wandering from kitchen to kitchen, in search of the most spectacular ingredients. These existed in his hometown, Hitachino. With his polished skills learning under world-class chefs and his Japanese-like delicate sense, his heart told him what to create with Hitachino's ingredients. Go see for yourself.

[Noriyuki Sugie]
Born in Hitachi, Japanese and French trained Ibaraki-Chef Noriyuki Sugie knew at a very young age that he wanted to be a Chef. A lifetime of international experience working with some of the world’s most respected chefs gives him the remarkable ability to combine ingredients and techniques in innovative ways with exciting results.


639 Post St,Lower Nob Hill,San Francisco
business hours 4:00PM-12:00AM